The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk by Ilaria Defilippo

At the end of the Nineties Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk started to collect many objects, he bought an old house in Istanbul and began to write a love story called "The Museum of Innocence". This museum will be realized by the protagonist of the novel, using the same objects collected by Pamuk and showed in the same building bought by the author. From fiction to reality, a great novel and a great museum experience born of the genial mind of a Nobel-Prize writer together with the help of the German architects Sunder-Plassmann. I visited in Stuttgart a very interesting exhibition at Architekturgalerie am Weissenhof about the real Museum of Innocence in Istanbul (opening in 2012!) and I looked at the impressive model of the building together with sketches, photos and objects. Unfortunately no pictures of that exhibition, but a really cool presentation (even if in German) by Baunetz of the fantastic project of Sunder-Plassmann architects that you can download here. Waiting for a visit to Istanbul, I suggest you to buy and read this special novel: it's a kind of inspiration for exhibition designers.

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Sunder-Plassmann Architekten

Carlotta Werner

Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna by Ilaria Defilippo

Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna (Italy) is the new city history museum that opened its doors a few weeks ago.

A work by Italian architect Mario Bellini and Italian graphic designer Italo Lupi.

Have a look at the following links for more info!

Mario Bellini website

Italo Lupi website

Palazzo Pepoli official website



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Palazzo Pepoli

via Castiglione 8, Bologna

Tuesday - Sunday  10-19

Free entrance

a new design app • Looking for Achille Castiglioni by Ilaria Defilippo


On 11th April 2011 the mobile app will be presented at Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni in Milan, 6.30 pm.

LfAC stems from a collaboration between INDACO department,Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni and 7scenes.

The application leads you to discover Achille Castiglioni’s projects hidden in Milan, stepping towards the points of interest in the downtown.

Architecture, industrial and exhibit design are the topics addressed by LfAC, that tells a 50 years old career through videos, photos and archival documents delivered on your phone, with augmented reality and GPS location.

Download the application from the App Store or Android Market an follow the blog!