John Pawson, Plain Space | Design Museum / by Ilaria Defilippo

London Design Museum dedicates to John Pawson, famous minimalist British architect, a really interesting exhibition curated by the architect himself from 22/09/2010 to 30/01/2011.

Here you can find a video by John Pawson in which he takes a tour of the exhibition and explains details about the exhibition project.

To better understand the project, this plan can guide us through the exhibition. At the heart of the exhibition is a site-specific, full-sized space designed by Pawson to offer a direct and immersive experience of his work: a white vaulted room furnished by two long wooden benches with a panel of white muslin at one end and a white light at the entrance.

Around the installation, the visitor can better comprehend Pawson's work through photography, film, sketches, study models, prototypes dotted around on plinths and tables. Actual architectural elements in stone, bronze, wood and metal taken from a range of buildings leads the visitor to his sensitive use of materials, to offer a direct experience of his work.

More behind-the-scenes information about the exhibition on Pawson’s Plain Space blog, a blog set by the life of the exhibition.


John Pawson | Plain Space

Design Museum, London UK

22 September 2010 – 30 January 2011

exhibition design by John Pawson